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About us

Gynaikon Clinics is a medical organisation for women that provides care from the first to the last monthly period based on the principle of “from menarche to menopause”.


Gynaikon Clinics focuses on women just before, during and just after the reproductive period in their lives.

The comprehensive and consistent range of services includes advice and treatment in three important areas for women: abortion, birth control and the menopause.  

Gynaikon Clinics has a partnership agreement with Maastricht University Medical Centre+. So clinical care can be arranged very quickly when required. 

Gynaikon Clinics is professionally organised and works in accordance with the latest guidelines and directives in the area of quality and safety. The organisation guarantees medical care to an assured quality standard and fast, efficient and personal treatment that focuses fully on the female patient’s health. Gynaikon Clinics complies with the most stringent quality standards and guarantees short waiting lists and optimal treatment in a pleasant environment. The organisation exclusively employs certified doctors and nurses who are professionally qualified in the field of birth control, abortion and the menopause. Anaesthetics are only administered by registered anaesthesiologists.

The founder of Gynaikon Clinics, Gabie Raven MD, has been active in this medical field since 1992 and has extensive experience. Following an eight-year period as Chair of the Dutch Association of Abortion Specialists (NGvA ), she has unique knowledge of the field and the associated stakeholders.

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